Ladder To Paradise

This feature length horror screenplay focuses on Luke, a troubled orphan who discovers he can see a persons soul leave their body when they die. His experience is close to ecstasy and addictive. When he cannot happen upon death he turns to murder. His ultimate victory would be to see his own soul leave his body. He kills himself in a way that he can be brought back: drowning. But upon his waking he discovers he can no longer "see." He believes it is otherworldly justice and seeks a reprieve. Only his blood can pay the bill .

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3 Sons

This play focuses on the three sons of "God".


First there was Lucifer/Samael (Satan).

Second, came Adam.

Third, Jesus.


Their Father has been absent for 2000 years and they are now in a dialog over what to do. Samael was given Earth as his domain a long time ago. He may have fallen, but he hasn't forgotten his territory. Neither Adam who was dominating Eden, winged as well, he doesn't sit well with his older brother. In the end Christ, the beloved, really thinks he is the One, as he performed a sacrifice. Their dialog turns into a fight. Dropping in is Lilith who walks the Earth still immortal and beautiful. Gabriel will come to kill them all. 



The novel revolves around Asterion, the infamous minotaur who Perseus stabbed and left for dead in the labyrinth. Asterion finds his way out with the golden ball of thread and falls into the Mediterranean Sea. His path will bring him across the Cyclops who will tutor him, wild Medusa who will love him, Caravaggio who will use him, Bacchus who will trick him, and his half sister Ariadne who will nearly destroy him. It will be more than tragedy he will find in his immortal life. Once the 21st Century is upon him, the game changes in his favor.         Chapter 1: THE LABYRINTH,  below

Painting by Paulina Surys