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Ethermancer - found on

 An Occult Horror Novel

I am the ethermancer.

It was abandoned long ago to repeat, as the simulator slipped into the ether, the game failed to turn off. Now it runs on automatic pilot, filling this universe with experimental levels. New kinds of players emerge and re-emerge. Dreamkeepers act as the grid wardens, keeping the data alive with our consciousness. The Code Keeper continuously throws us back into the kaleidoscope. Magic can see through the veil of the simulation, but not to its core frame. I found it; the reincarnations, the memories of phantom lives, even the essence of my mathematical code revealed itself, a perfectly corrupted formula.

As coded characters, we cannot remember our last play. Still, when I discovered the Server housed in our existence, in plain sight, I could look back at all of my lives in the game, look back at those who were tossed with me into this simulation of bedlam, and most importantly, gaze at the life of my mirrored opponent.