Addonexus: Deathbringer

Trae is a Grim Reaper, an assassin, and lethal in the scythe arts. She is sent, along with her unit, to kill the entire species of the planet Earth. But when she finds out it is for an ancient revenge rather then for the betterment of the universe, she turns against her own kind in an epic battle to save humanity.

Scripts below. 

In English, French, German, and Japanese.

There was a time, long ago, when the Grim Reaper came to your house. He stood upon the floor boards with no noise, and rested his long scythe upon old wood. You woke suddenly knowing something was in the room. You peered into the infinitely red glowing eyes of your fate. And fate it was, for he had come to take your soul.

Those days of myth are built on a pedestal of truth. But, much more, the Grim Reaper comes in droves, as a unit, and takes entire populations by force. A mass killing so easy for them, it is like pulling the weeds for the modern man, they think nothing of it.

This elite unit of assassins, the Grim Reapers, send the individual Reaper to the occasional noted person these days, but the same directive was expanded in the last 3000 years, to wipe clean something that has gone awry: an entire race.

Deep inside this layered history exists 323. She is a number, born of a genetic 3D flesh printer (or so she believes.) Raised in the Reaper scythe martial arts, and deemed approved by proof of her hard and clean psychological nature. She is the leader of her unit.

To be sure, this sounds simple. A unit. It comes, it kills, it leaves. But the Elements are involved, so there is a touch of psyche in it all. Each unit (5) have a characteristic which aids their killing. Earth, Wind, Fire Water, Spirit (Knowledge). They behave within the Element and use it to their advantage, making the killing that much more special. Perhaps an example is necessary. Black Plague years. Those momentous and traumatic years in world history were caused by Grim Reapers, landing. Unit Element Wind, which 323 belongs to, emitted upon a small Italian village a dose of gaseous substance, which upon resting on the human flesh, gave an instant reaction to the immune system. Boils appeared within hours on the skin, burst and spread once again to the next human. It was an easy killing. Its purpose, to bring a new idea of life and behavior to the continent of Europe. After many years of horror the population was reinvigorated and ushered in the Enlightenment. All planned by a higher power. The Regulators.

Regulators, an outsourced group who logistically plans the progression and evolution of species across the universe. A sort of board. In a way they control viruses. Species to them are growths. If it becomes a pestilence they kill it, if it becomes a rose garden they water it.

Let us begin a basic premise of the story of 323 herself.

Open: The Grim Reapers land on the outskirts of a small Italian Village, they spray a gaseous substance into the air, out of scythe, which glides upon the clouds and rains lightly upon the rooftops and village square. Following, everyone dies in the village and so on and so forth until 25 million people die.

323, having lived 1000 years or more is used to these parades of death and thinks nothing of it. Of late, she has been having issue with the High General, Aurelius, of the Grim Reaper units. He is most feared, for he is the oldest of them all, and not born of a flesh printer. He comes from an ancient race unknown to them.

323 will begin to protect the human race, and then lead a battle against her own kind. Reaper to Reaper.